Monday, September 03, 2012

September 3, 2012 It is Labor Day 2012 and my son has reminded me (several times) to update my blog so here ya go. The summer has gone by quickly. I made a trip to South Carolina to pick up Mandi in June. While there I got so see Jeremy's work place, Sage Valley Golf Club. It is fabulous. He is very fortunate to get to work in such a magnificent area. I brought Mandi home to Ohio and the following week Jeremy joined her. It was a quick trip but it was wonderful to spend time with them. SO much nicer that they are closer. Work has been slow over the summer but is quickly picking up. The pay out for year one of TIF is underway. Much data to be entered before the actual pay out in Dec. At the same time year two is underway. The staff need to be inserviced on the plan. In addition we are into the OTES new teacher evaluation system and will be piloting the SLO student learning outcomes this year. Pat is busy at Johnson's. Some days are really busy while others drag on with no calls. The economy has had a lot to do with business everywhere. Thursday night Pat and I went to see 38 Special a the Midland Theater in Newark. It was a wonderful show. Hard to see at times even though we were just 8 rows back from the stage. Nice to get out and hear a classic band in a beautiful venue that is fairly close to home. We have tickets to see two other shows later this year and next spring. Dogs are fine. Enjoying the cooler (ha ha) weather. Well at least in the evenings when it does cool off, they enjoy running in their yard. They won't be happy when I begin working everyday or so. Neither enjoy spending time in their kennels. There ya go Jeremy. I am up to date. At least for a little while. LOL